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Why Playful Fox & Co.?

"As a pet owner, I often visit pet stores. When I first adopted a pair of fancy rats years ago, I couldn't help but notice how many tacky, low quality small pet bedding items lined the isles. As someone who has been a seamstress for more than half my life, I knew I could create bedding for my ratties that would last far longer, offer the comfort they deserved, and satisfy my taste. So I hand-picked the softest fleece and a beautiful cotton and got to work. I put that some love and dedication into every product I create; whether it be a pet hammock, a cat toy, or anything else you find in my shop."
You can find all of my handcrafted products here.

Cat Bandana

Stay-Put Bandana Details

Each Stay-Put Bandana is made of high quality, vibrant cotton or flannel and is shaped like a triangle with a pocket at the top where a collar can slide through, so the bandana is secure and won't get lost on your pet's adventures. These bandanas are machine washable, so don't worry when Fiddo goes rolling in dirt - you can pop that bandana in the wash (and even iron it) and it will look fabulous again. The Stay-Put Bandanas have been tested and approved by Morgan's cat, along with dozens of our models around the globe. 

  • 100% cotton 
  • completely machine washable and can be ironed
  • finished edges and a wooden tag for a classy look
  • over-the-collar style - won't get lost
  • 3 different sizes to fit any pet from cats to dogs (or even goats)

Corgi Accessories

Tie-On Flannel Details

Every Tie-On Flannel is made of high quality designer flannel; so high quality that the fringe is much more full compared to other fringe bandanas. These have a classic square shape, and are folded in half (like a triangle) to wear. These bandanas are machine washable (delicates bag recommended) and can be ironed. The Tie-On Flannels have been tested and approved by dozens of our models around the globe.

  • 100% cotton flannel
  • completely machine washable (in a delicates bag) and can be ironed
  • fringe along all edges and a wooden tag for a classy look
  • 3 different sizes to fit any pet from cats to dogs (or even humans)

Cat Toy Details

Silver Vine (potent catnip alternative) Pillow Toys, Kicker Toys, or Geo Toys. All cat toys are made of high quality cotton with tasteful designs to look beautiful thrown around your home by your cats. These are either 4"x3" pillow toys, 8" long kicker toys, or the unique 3” or 5” triangle pyramid shaped geos. The silver vine used in our toys is high quality (we use Koop Brand) to attract even the laziest of cats. Each type of cat toy has been tested and approved by Morgan's cat.

  • 100% cotton
  • organic catnip or silver vine
  • 4"x3" or geo or kicker style
  • spot clean only

Small Pet Bedding

All small pet bedding is made of high quality cotton or flannel and polyester fleece. From standard flat hammocks to snuggle sacks and tunnels, there's a perfect bed for any pet. These are machine washable, and some can be carefully ironed. Each type of bedding has been tested and approved by Morgan's pets.

  • 100% cotton or flannel and polyester fleece
  • completely machine washable
  • non-minky bedding can be ironed carefully, cotton side up
  • finished edges and a tag to keep things looking neat

USA Made

All Playful Fox & Co. products are made in the USA (Ohio specifically). Everything is handcrafted by Morgan, down to the patterns for the products. Most materials used are either created or sold by other small businesses - 90% of which are in the USA. Originally only small pet bedding and cat toys were being offered in the shop. Mid-2017, Stay-Put Bandanas launched to offer dog owners items to choose from. In January 2018, the Flannel Tie-On Bandana collection was added with Morgan's long love of flannel fabrics. Creating beautiful products for a variety of pets is routine for Playful Fox & Co.; centered on quality and design.

Paw Print

All product types offered by Playful Fox & Co. have been tested by pets prior to launching in the shop, and continue to be tested by Morgan's cat and ferret, along with Playful Fox & Co. Brand Reps (from cats and dogs to foxes and rats).

Cat Toys

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