Setting Up a Critter Nation Cage

Hello again, everyone! If you have been following my shop's Instagram,you know I bought a Critter Nation Cage (similar to the Ferret Nation) a couple weeks ago.

Well, I took photos of the process of getting the cage setup! So, here's how to set up a Critter Nation (CN) or Ferret Nation (FN) cage with our Pillowcase-Style Cage Liners (currently listed on our Etsy here).

First, find where you want your CN or FN cage. These cages are about 36" wide and 24" deep,
height varies depending on how many "unit" the cage has - in this post, I have a Single Unit cage. With the stand
it is about 39" high. I picked a corner in my studio/office, so Matilda and I can hang out while I work on orders.
Now it's time to build the cage. For the most part, the new models are "tool-free"; however, every CN or FN cage
I've ever put together has had to been beat with a mallet.. Otherwise, these cages are fairly simple to put together.
Don't forget these little hooks - they are for safety! These prevent your critters from pushing the top off.
Guess what's next now that the cage is together. Cage liners!
I start with the large pan. (How cute is that llama print Large Pan Liner?!) These slide over the cage pan
to both stay in place and prevent liner-diving. Be sure to slip on the liner so the flap of the opening will underneath
the pan when in the cage; otherwise, they can't prevent liner-diving.
I love it already!
Now it's time for the shelf. So grab the metal shelf holder and put it where you want.
There are six different spots (three on each side) you can put them.
I picked the middle spot on the left side of the cage to give enough room for hammocks underneath. Now grab that shelf
pan and Small Pan Liner. The Small Pan Liner slides over the shelf pan just the same as with the large pan.
Close-up on the opening of the Cage Liner. 
I love this southwest print matched with the llamas.
Plop the shelf on the metal shelf holder - and bam! - it's starting to look like a cage! But we still need to make it homey. Next it the ramp and Ramp Cover (which is new to the shop). The Ramp Covers are designed in a similar way as the pan liners. One end has a flap, but in this case the other end has two very small holes in the corners (you can barely see them). Slide the Ramp Cover on so that the hooks of the ramp will go through the two little holes, like in the photo below. Just so you know, Ramp Covers are very much fit and take some work to get on - this is to prevent your pet from tripping.
Once the Ramp Cover is all the way on, flip the flap over. The flap should
be on the bottom of the ramp rather than on top to prevent tripping.
Put it in the cage! There are several places you can put the ramps, so get creative. I show two ways in this blog.
And yes, Felina will be in the rest of the blog. She was so excited for me to put together this cage "for her."
Here is another way to attach the ramp. This worked out better with the
teal and tan cat bed on the right side. Felina, loving "her" new cage.
Now is the fun part - putting in the cage accessories and toys!
Flat Hammock, Snuggle Sack, Double Pocket Hammock, Fleece Vine, and Double Decker Hammock all added - all made by Playful Fox & Co. Other items were Wal-Mart finds (cat bed, cat toy, baby toy, litter box, and circle beach towel).
Felina seriously wouldn't leave the cage. Matilda finally got to see her new
cage at this point - she's crawling into the Snuggle Sack on the shelf.
I love how the cage turned out, and I think Matilda does too. Felina definitely does,
there's no question about it. Thank you so much for checking out this blog!