5 Tie-On Flannel Bandanas

As I'm sure you noticed with the last drop (we are doing drops every Friday!) that there is another flannel in the shop! We are so excited to add Maize - another reversible flannel bandana!

Here's @minnie_mccallister in a snap-on Maize!

This beautiful new flannel features plaid on one side and stripes on the other and has a good weight to it, much like our Adventure flannels.

Speaking of the Adventure flannels, I think this colorful bandana is my favorite right now, and once I have time I will be making one for myself to wear! Did you know our large flannels fit humans too?

Medium Adventure Flannel with striped side showing.

@thewalkerofdogs - Owner & Dog Both Wearing Large Flannels

Who doesn't want to match their dogs?? And while Adventure may be my favorite, it seems the Buffalo Plaid (above) and Buffalo Check flannels are a big hit with you guys! Though I'm not surprised with these two being classic styles.

Family portait of @c3mery each wearing Playful Fox & Co. flannels.

Last but not least, we have the Ocean flannels. These are for our cool tone lovers. With blue and grey hues, what better way to have you thinking of the ocean in these cooler months.

@jackson.the.malamute wearing an Ocean flannel.

Thank you so much for giving this a read. I plan to blog move often now to keep you up to date on the newest Playful Fox & Co. news.