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Limited Edition Over-The-Collar Pet Bandana

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Limited Edition Pet Bandana
•Features a black with white "plus" print cotton
•Slide your pet’s collar through the convenient opening for a secure fit
•Lovingly crafted for comfort and cuteness
•Fits most collars
•Won’t fall off like tie bandanas
•Available in three sizes — see size chart in photos
•May turn your pet into a head-turning diva

Sizes: XS fits 3/8" wide collars, S fits 5/8" wide collars, M fits 1.5" with collars, L fits 2" wide collars. **Our sizes have changed in Marc 2019 to accommodate our pet collars that launch March 29!**

Please note that due to everyone’s monitor displaying differently, the colors you see may vary. Also, if at any time your product shows signs of any damage, please dispose of immediately. This is not intended for other animals.

By making your purchase, you agree that Playful Fox & Co. (that’s me!) is not responsible for any damages caused by use of the products sold or damages to the product while used. All products are used at your own risk. But we suggest you let your pet use it, as it probably won’t fit you. Thanks!

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